About Us

Currently, the UMR_S910 research unit consists of 9 independent research teams comprising 136 people. Our laboratory is located at the Medical School of Marseille. It is a research unit of the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and the Aix-Marseille University. Our unit, called "Medical Genetics & Functional Genomics", is directed by Nicolas Levy, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally recognized geneticist.

The main objectives of our research are to study the genetic and cellular mechanisms involved in rare genetic disorders and to explore their cellular and phenotypic consequences. Clearly intended to contribute to a better understanding of these diseases, to develop tools for their diagnosis, optimize the management of patients and prevention of these diseases, with as ultimate goal to be able to offer innovative therapeutic strategies. Research developed over several years in the UMR_S 910 are connected to clinical research activities conducted in the Department of Medical Genetics (Hôpital de la Timone). Thus, our research projects are performed in a context of translational research.

The scientific equipment necessary for this type of research is grouped into innovative and effective technical platforms. These platforms include an exploratory animal house, an imaging platform, and an platform for genomics and transcriptomics studies. One of the key objectives of the unit is to encourage teams to use these equipments in order to develop their research. Another priority is to encourage the development and integration of new independent research teams.

Some Numbers

  • 136 Members
  • 47 Reseachers
  • 19 Postdoctoral fellows
  • 22 PhD students
  • 11 Master students
  • 37 Engineers & Technicians